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    Finding the right school, college or program can be a rewarding process, but for some families, the experience is challenging, overwhelming and at times frustrating. Few decisions have as great an impact on a student. Families may find themselves at a loss to properly evaluate their options and make appropriate choices. Seeking the services of an independent educational consultant can be the wisest investment a family can make.

    We are Independent Educational Consultants (IEC) dedicated to helping families navigate the rigors of the college application process. We offer objective advice, access to reliable information, and the kind of individual attention necessary to make an informed decision.

    For families considering college, the main reason to hire an IEC is our individualized attention and firsthand knowledge of hundreds of educational opportunities. Most high school guidance counselors would like to assist students individually with the college application process, but they have too many students to manage. And, they often have many more responsibilities other than college counseling like scheduling as well as other social and emotional issues that face high school students today.


    We can take much of the stress out of the college admission process and be an objective, third-party, helping you through the process of transitioning from high school and the comforts of living at home to going off to college and experiencing living in a dorm. We are experts at finding the "Best Fit" school, one that will help foster both the student's academic and social growth.

  • Gigi M. Frye, M.A.